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Ken Van Liew has completed 
$1.2 Billion in Commercial 
Real Estate Development 

Rudolph Giuliani - Former Mayor NYC
This was the first time in New York City history that we actually completed a Major Development Project for New York, both on time and under budget.

Referring to the completion of the new 911 headquarters for all of NYC




Dear Friend,

If you'd like to become rich, provide for your family for life and the get the freedom of time with the money to enjoy it, this might be the most important letter you'll ever read.

Here's why:

Hello! My name is Ken Van Liew. I'm the author of two best-selling books, “Create & Master Clients For Life” and “Secrets How To Buy Your Dream Home With Little or No Money Even With Imperfect Credit”,  read by millions of people in the past 5 years.

My background includes 26 years of real estate investment and development experience with hands-on expertise in hi-rise development, engineering and construction in New York City. 

My education includes Master degrees from New York University and New Jersey Institute of Technology and Professional Engineer licenses from New York, New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania. 

I believe Landmark Education and commit myself as Real Estate Expert, Life Consultant, Assistant Scout Master and Senior Leader in the Anthony Robbins Organization. 

I’ve been married 20 years to my lovely wife Terry, with three outstanding children, Michael and Alyse, 16 year old twins and Courtney, 11 years old.

Our latest real estate projects are the completion of 240 Park Avenue South in New York City, our “How To Become A Real Estate Developer” Home Study Course which I’ll get to in a minute and The New York Real Estate Investors Academy, a leadership, motivation and real estate platform for all ages and levels of experience.

The NYREIAcademy website features a newsletter, magazine, online catalog and several free gifts to welcome you as a member. The main outcome being to serve all your real estate needs. It will give you the opportunity to publish articles, success stories and real estate deals. Our long term goal is to establish a small detailed, practical and accredited program that will allow you to gain a full education in real estate for a fraction of the cost of the Universities.

What I'll show you in the next few minutes will make the seemingly complex world of commercial real estate investing Easy for you and enable you to Make Millions with a very small time investment.  

Now, I know you're probably skeptical. That's normal and healthy. So here are three good reasons for you to take action:

  Three Reasons to Take Action!


Reason one: I personally did my first 14.2 million dollar deal with none of my own money and became a millionaire from it. I walk my talk and have the experience to back it up. I am a real proven expert.
Reason two: The system behind my success is highly acclaimed by New York's elite and has enabled me to do over $1,200,000,000.00 (Yes that's $1.2 BILLION) in commercial real estate deals.
Reason three: New-York's greatest Investors & Developers stand behind the power of my system and they back up what I say. Also, some of the wealthiest people in the world trust in me because of my system, it's a reputation maker in itself.



But Ken, is it REALLY true? Can I TRULY...


Retire After Only ONE Deal?  

It's true. Why? For a few reasons:


Reason #1 - The Dollar Amounts: When you do an 8 figure deal you're doing a project anywhere between 10 million and 99 million dollars.

The important thing to remember is when you're doing a project like that you can make much more money than some house flip. I mean, you're dealing with millions, not thousands.

For instance, there's a friend of mine who just did a 9 figure deal. This was a deal that had total developments costs of $105,000,000.00 (that's $105 million). And this guy's making over 48 million dollars in gross profit.


I think you can retire on that amount of money, don't you?

Reason # 2 - Lack of Competition: Everybody and their uncle is doing residential projects, most the WRONG way, but only a very few are doing commercial.  Our combined system enables you to give a unique selling proposition, which annihilates the competition.

In this business, you have virtually no competition anyway because very, very few people know how to do commercial deals the right way.  And with over 1.2 Billion dollars in development we can show you the right way to do this business.

With hardly any competition you can find an unlimited number of these projects. Each one can make you millions.

Reason #3 - You DON'T Need Your Own Money: When I was getting started on my own in commercial development my 1st project, a $14.2 million dollar assisted living facility, with none of my own money.  

I didn't have any money at the time. I made more than enough money on that project to retire with $1.4 million dollars in profit off that one deal.

 Now I know that's not a ton of money, but invested at just 10% interest a year it still creates over 140k a year in retirement income. What would you do if you had an extra 140k a year in cash coming to you?

That's just ONE deal.




  Here Is What Some of the People Who’ve had the Pleasure of Working With Ken Van Liew Have to Say:


For those who are not seasoned investors, Ken is like the re-incarnation of William Zeckendorf who was the “Grand Daddy of Real Estate Wheeler-Dealers”, who Donald Trump and others are still trying to emanate.

---Donathan Wahluedine, Raised 3.2 Billion Dollars



I met Ken 10 years ago when he was doing an 8 figure deal with none of his own money. When we met, I was amazed at what he was doing, then he started to show me and it worked for me. I applied his systems and principals to my own business and since then I've made over $2,147,000 dollars and living the lifestyle that I could have only dreamed of prior to implementing his systems. It worked great and I'm sure you're going to make a lot of money. Good Luck!

--- Joseph Greco, President, WBB Construction



Using Ken Van Liew's Real Estate System with no money down, I have been made 1.7 million dollars."

---Larry Paparaniku, Building Manager, New York City









Recently, I was featured as New York City’s Real Estate Weekly, the largest real estate publication in the country. The following week they wrote about me again as an adrenaline junkie with an unusual hobby of using my magician skills to excel in real estate and business systems. You can actually read more about it below...



Click on this link or on the photo above to read the full article on Ken Van Liew


Ken Van Liew - Master of Magic!


The long detailed articles chronicled my success in the New York City real estate market, one of the    toughest in the world with emphasis on my “How to Become a Real Estate Developer With None of Your Own Money™ And how I accomplished $1.2 BILLION in real estate development projects.
Just so you know you're dealing with the real experts here is a list of just SOME of the projects I've done & companies involved:


240 Park Avenue South, LP, New York City Owners representative for this Park Avenue, 18-story luxury condominium. 112,000 sf of high end finishes, electronic automation and spectacular views.
Rider University, Trenton, NJ Project Consultant for this $17M fast track development located on campus. Renovation of the existing and built new resident dormitory's, athletic and student center.
Partners in Progress LLC Managing Member, Board of Director for private real estate equity funds. Concentration in low income housing renovation and new construction.
Transit Village, Union, NJ. Project Consultant and Owner's representative responsible for real estate development, construction, options & upgrades and sales. The project consisted of 49 luxury residential condominiums at one of the first transit village developments in NJ.
Bright Side Manor, Teaneck, NJ Owners representative and construction manager for this 65 bed geriatrics facility. Renovation/addition, four phases, $5.0M project with 45 residents present during the construction process.
Autumn Woods Assisted Living, Bridgewater, NJ. Owner, developer and construction manager on  this 90-unit assisted living facility. Developed, financed and constructed this $14M project in 12-months and within.
300 East 64th Street, NY, NY. Owner's Representative for this luxury residential tower, retail and commercial project. Thirty-five story reinforced concrete structure with 100 apartments. Commercial and retail tenants included United Artist Theater and Chase Bank.
The Richmond, 201 East 80th Street, NY.  Owner's Representative on this Luxury residential condominium, 18 stories, and 210,000 sf renovation/addition of an existing warehouse. Reinforced the structure to accept an additional eight floors of prime real estate.
McGraw-Hill, Ramsey Office Center, Ramsey, NJ. 270,000-square-foot corporate office and data center, infrastructure, and eleven acres of site work. Pre-construction, budget, procurement, schedule, MEP coordination, project and field supervision.
Prudential Securities Incorporated, One New York Plaza, New York, NY. 1Project manager on this 1,000,000 sf of interior renovation including all MEP upgrades. Coordinated and managed the upgrade 24/7 including new electrical distribution, UPS and HVAC systems to 100,000 sf data centers and trading floors.
Forest City Ratner Metrotech Development, Brooklyn, NY. Over $1 billion phased project on 16 acres in downtown Brooklyn, multi-use complex of high tech commercial buildings, parking, and infrastructure. Directly in charge of construction on four major projects.
11 Metrotech Center, Brooklyn, NY.  300,000 sf state-of-the-art communication facility housing the NYC Police Department E-911 headquarters. Base building and tenant fit-out included a full MEP upgrade to the core and shell design to provide fully redundant integrated systems. The upgrade included UPS, high-tech security, communication, and building management systems.
Brooklyn Union Gas Company, One Metrotech Center, Brooklyn, NY. 815,000-sq.-ft. core and shell, tenant fit-out for BUGCO corporate headquarters. Directly in charge of the core and shell and tenant work Coordinated a series of phased moves including an in-house television studio, auditorium, medical center, full-service cafeteria, executive offices, and 2-story command center.
Securities Industry Automated Corporation, Two MetroTech Center, Brooklyn, NY.  600,000 sq.ft. core and shell, data center and MEP installation. Managed field operations to assure the fully redundant emergency systems were complete according to SIAC's stringent specifications.
Internal Revenue Service, Ten MetroTech Center, Brooklyn, NY. Owner's Representative for project completion and operational startup for 300,000 sf. IRS District headquarters. Work included coordination with various IRS departments to perform operational testing, and implementation of facility guidelines to bring the entire building on-line.
Newport Center, Jersey City, NJ. This residential, commercial, and retail center was developed from an abandoned railroad yard into a small city. New infrastructure, roads, and site work on more than 100 acres were installed to support the multifaceted development.
Thomas Jefferson and James Madison.  Twin 33-story, 912 units in residential towers on the New Jersey waterfront. Managed in excess of $100 million in construction and coordination of over 30 trades and 600 employees. Construction systems included reinforced concrete, masonry facade, architectural pre-cast, stone clad base, and high end marble.

Kings Supermarket, Chatham, NJ, Owner's representative on fast track renovations during store operations.

Colonia Country Club, Colonia, NJ, Owner's representative for the club house renovation.  Project included the renovation of the s upper & lower grill, locker room, dining area and entertainment patio. Procured all FF&E items to complete the final touch.

Livingston Arms, Poughkeepsie, NY. 7-story, 32-unit luxury condominium, infrastructure and site work. Site and office mobilization, schedule, budget, procurement, and project and field supervision.
Mall 59, Nanuet, NY. Pre-construction, value engineering, and constructability review. Project budget, schedule, and cash flow analysis to assist in site selection, program management, negotiations, and project finance.
Drexel Burnham Lambert/Mellon Bank, Fort Lee Executive Park, Fort Lee, NJ. 695,000 sf., 1500-car parking garage with retail space, 70,000-square-foot data center and dining facility. Procurement and field supervision included coordination with two existing ten-story structures.
Whispering Woods, Plainsboro, NJ. Engineering and site design of this 2400-unit condominium development.  Site design required geometric and topographical layout, sanitary and storm sewer design, water surface profiles, retention basins, roadway design and field survey.
MGS Development, Secaucus, NJ. Executive in charge property blights, tax abatements, site plan approvals, state and building permits. Reviewed financial statements, project proforma and market reports for finance and investment decisions. Directly in charge of construction operations and building acquisitions.
Propane Power Corporation, Newark, NJ. Executive in charge for pre-construction of this 150,000-square-foot automated propane facility.  Selected architect, engineer and consultants, prepared budget, schedule and coordinated the equipment design with French supplier, Siragaï Industries.
Patent Scaffold, Carlstadt, NJ. Executive in charge of this six-acre site restoration and 20,000-square-foot industrial fit-out including all phases of construction, infrastructure, and site work.
Marriot Corporation, Newark International Airport, Newark, NJ. Geotechnical consultant providing on-site supervision and controlled inspection of dewatering, excavation, fill placement and site work.  Conducted in field density tests, sieve analysis, and soil classification.
McDonalds Corporation, Valley Stream, NY.  Geotechnical and subsurface investigation for prospective building sites throughout the Northeast. Investigated potential development sites, conducted test pits, boring analysis, material classification to determine subsurface strata.  Conducted the laboratory testing, feasibility studies, foundation design and specifications.
U.S. Department of Agriculture, Soil Conservation Service, Assunpink Creek Watershed, West Windsor, NJ. Construction supervision and controlled inspection for this earth and reinforced concrete dam, and emergency spillway that covered 100,000-acres of site development. Headwall modification and additional mat slab placement at the toe of dam to eliminate potential overturning failure.

As you can see, I'm the real deal. I KNOW Commercial real estate. I'm not some "Guru" filling you with bogus information on something they haven't even done.

The list of project's I've been a part of is documentable and verifiable PROOF that I know what I'm talking about when it comes to making money in commercial real estate.

Ken, So What's This All Mean to Me?

You're about to have over 26 years of commercial real estate knowledge handed to you on a silver platter. In may be a time in your life when the student is ready the teacher will suddenly appears! Take this opportunity to ask yourself if you deserve to invest in your future.
I've been knocked around and time and time again over the last 26+ years. I learned from the school of hard knocks, practical experience, formal education, licenses for legitimacy and a proven system that you can easily learn and make millions in commercial real estate in a sort time period while you earn immediate cash with acquisitions and “quick turns”.

This is the information I WISH I had 26 years ago when I was first starting.

IMPORTANT NOTE: It is EXTREMELY rare for a real estate investor to have this kind of knowledge, and even more rare for one to reveal this kind of information. Please take the time to read this carefully. In fact, if you're interested in getting the most out of your time, energy and real estate business, then...

I highly recommend you shut your door (whether you're in the office or at home), shut off your phone, get comfortable and STUDY this information - it IS that important!

It introduces something INNOVATIVE AND AMAZING!

 So if you're ready to move ahead, let's go...

What can this system really do?


It can create an opportunity for you to retire on one deal! This is the real thing, no hype, no garbage. Accredited material like nothing on the market. The bonuses alone are invaluable and necessary for any real estate transaction




Strategy 1
How To Start Your Own Real Estate Development Company & Find Commercial Real Estate Deals
Step by step how to start your own real estate development company, raise $100,000 and begin paying yourself $27,000 per month.
Once you’ve started your own company, there are nine different methods to make immediate cash as you learn the techniques necessary for Find unlimited commercial real estate investments.
Strategy 2
Discover Techniques To Unlimited Funding For Commercial Real Estate Acquisitions and Developments
After you’ve made some money and you’re fully equipped with unlimited funding skills, I then show you 12 ways to earn 15% of the total development cost in PROFIT FEES with my “FEE GOLD™” system.
Once you understand the key to my “How To Develop Commercial Real Estate Projects With None Of Your Own Money” system which allows you to finance 100% of your 8 figure projects leaving you with an residual income and rate of return that takes you to retirement.
Strategy 3
Learn To Invest, Renovate or Develop Any Commercial Real Estate Project, 100% Financed
The system enables virtually anyone (including You) to FIND incredible apartment and commercial real estate deals which will make you rich.
Then shows you how to FUND these commercial deals earning fees and profits so you don't have to pull any money out of your pocket.
And finally, FACILITATE the process of becoming wealthy on your very first commercial project without spending much time.


The best part is, it doesn't take a lot of time to do a commercial project which makes you millions.


In fact, the time spent on doing a residential fix up and flip is about the same time you'll need completing a commercial real estate project.


So this can be part time. A few hours per week will make you rich when you follow the proven system I'm showing you.


Do you really think the wealthiest people on earth spend all their time working?


NO! Definitely not.

My friend, you'll make much, much more money in commercial than any residential project could ever give you and I guarantee it's not complicated when you know how. It's just a matter of following the system I'm going to reveal to you.

You may ask?

 If This Is So Easy, How Come
Everybody Doesn
't Do It?


Very good question and the answer is quite simple: People lack the knowledge of what to do along with self limiting beliefs preventing them from taking action.

It's true, and I should know...


Years ago, I was making pennies managing projects for an ultra wealthy investor. He was making millions doing hardly anything while I was working hard for him.


I thought you just had to be born into this business to get rich, until I found out the secret system he used to get ultra rich. When I found out his true secrets I was amazed at how easy it was.


The only problem was it took me several years to figure out the system.


But once I did everything changed. Once I learned this system for doing commercial projects I became very wealthy very quickly.


I immediately used this system to do a 14.2 million dollar project using none of my own money. I made a lot of money, more than most investors make in 10 years. That was only my first project.  


The Millions That Followed

I have used this system for years to do commercial real estate and it's made me MILLIONS many times over.  

But over the years I've improved and refined it to make it easier and simpler for making money. Like you, I'm always figuring out better ways of doing things. 
This system is my 26 years of commercial real estate expertise packaged together into an easy to follow complete proven step-by-step how to system. This is exactly what you need for making millions with no filler. It’s from my personal knowledge obtained at prestigious universities and the trenches on the largest real estate developments in the country.


Years ago, I had no complete step-by-step system to follow. I had to figure this business out the hard way.


Often I cornered people who knew about commercial deals and bribed them to pick up nuggets of information about this exclusive business.




The REAL Information Elite Investors Don't Want You to Know


Realize this, the big leagues of real estate have been a very private club for a long, long time. For years only the richest families in the world could gain entry to this exclusive club, until now.


Very few people know the truth of how to really do commercial deals. Even fewer have actually done them successfully.


The sad part is anyone could do commercial deals if they simply knew this simple system. This system is so complete a fellow rich commercial investor (famous New Yorker whose last name starts with a T) asked me not to share my valuable insights because it's this system he's used to become a Billionaire.


The real players don't want you to know how to do this business. That's the main reason why you've never been able to learn this before.


The other reason most investors can't make millions in commercial deals is because they believe they aren't capable of doing these deals. The truth is I didn't believe I could either, until I discovered and refined the system I use to this day.


When you have the system, commercial investing becomes very easy. However, you must believe you can do commercial deals though. That's why I'm now going to...


 "Finally I REVEAL The 12 Myths of Commercial Real Estate"

Most investors have several self limiting beliefs for why they can't do commercial deals. They generally buy into some or all of the "12 myths" for why they can't do these deals.


Read this carefully, the following may uncover the reason you've been held back from making millions.


Myth #1: You must have spent a lot of time in small deals before you can do a big deal.

Truth#1: You don't need to put your time in on the residential deals to be able to get into commercial deals. 

With this system you'll be shown exactly what you need to do, when you need to do it, and how you'll do it - Even if you've got no experience at all!


Myth #2: You must already be rich and have tons of money and a huge cash flow.

Truth#2: You don't have to be rich to do this. You can actually be extremely poor right now and still make millions in commercial deals if you follow the system I've laid out for you.

It's the system that works and when you follow this proven system I guarantee you'll succeed.


Myth #3: You must have a lot of free time to make any money

Truth#3: The time required to do one of these deals is very minimal.

In this system you'll learn how to keep your time invested in a commercial project to 5-10 hours a week or less.


Myth #4: You must be an experienced investor
Truth#4: You don't need to be an experienced investor.

I was doing commercial real estate deals at the age of 24 with NO experience at all.   

At the age of 24, I built 2 (not 1, but 2) 33 story high-rise apartment buildings for a total of 964 units. I didn't have any prior experience.

I learned it all the hard way - by sacrifice, trial and effort. But you won't pay such a price.


Myth #5: You must have "connections" in the city hall

Truth#5: You don't need to be "Connected" to do commercial deals.  

In the proven system you'll learn who you need to get your project completed and exactly how to make it happen.

This is the easiest part.


Myth #6: You must take risks or worst: Big risks!

Truth#6: You won't have to take any risk.  

You'll be doing these deals with no money. That means using NONE of your own money and not being on the hook for any of the money either. You will have no risk whatsoever.

Personally, I hate taking on risk. My rule is NEVER personally take any risk.


Myth #7: You must be part of the elite or born into an ultra rich family.

Truth#7: You don't need to be part of the "elite class."

I grew up in a poor family and went from regular employee to millionaire with "other people's money" and 1 good commercial deal.


Myth #8: You must be a white guy in an Armani suit who lives in the city
Truth#8: You don't have be some big wig, You don't have to be male, and you don't need to be white.

This is a system that ANYONE can follow and make millions from. Your race, creed, or color has no bearing on your success. 

You can be, act, and dress like yourself and still make millions following my proven system.


Myth #9: You must be old

Truth#9: Your age has no bearing. 

I was working on commercial deals when I was 24 years old.

Your age just doesn't matter. It's about following the simple, easy system - Step by step to millions from big deals.


Myth #10: You must be extremely smart

Truth#10: Brain power has nothing to do with it.  

I failed math 3 times and it took me 6 years to get a 4 year degree.  I'm not overly bright; I just know and follow the system that I discovered and refined. It's the system that's made me so much money.

You just have to take action toward getting what you want in your life. You simply need to believe, focus and follow the baby steps teach you. The system is step by step easy.


Myth #11: You must have a large staff

Truth#11: You don't need an office and large staff. All you need is the system and you can do this from home.

You can be in your UNDERWEAR, at home, comfortable and relaxed, and still follow the system to put together commercial deals.


Myth #12: You must face complicated transactions

Truth#12: All you really need is the system.

Once you learn this system and follow it you'll see how simple these transactions are. Relax; I've made it as easy as eating ice cream on Sunday for you.


Just remember...


"Your beliefs will affect your decision making and ultimately your destiny"  -Anthony Robbins



"Do you want to learn how to Find, Fund & Facilitate Commercial Real Estate Projects with no money and retire faster than you ever dreamed?"



The system will teach you the following...

You'll be going through a full course where you'll be taught step-by-step how to do how to start your own company and begin to FIND, FUND and FACILITATE unlimited commercial real estate projects into retirement.

I will personally walk you through the steps to doing all types deals.

In fact, I’ll even take you on a virtual tour of one of my job sites (Actual commercial high-rises and skyscrapers) and teach you what you need to know to do these projects.


There is no better way to make your success happen! And remember…


This entire course will provide you with the details of the system I've used to develop a 90 unit, 14.2 million dollar commercial project without any money,

That project alone generated more than $1,524,000 in cash profit for me. And that doesn't include any of the other windfalls of profit I've made on all my other deals.

This course will change your life forever!

You will get in, get trained & get rich!

  Get ready to succeed, and quickly...


But Don't Take My Word for It...
to What My Students, Customers & Investors Have to Say About the System:


I am a Construction Management Consultant in New York City. I just got finished working with Ken Van Liew on a $50 million dollar high rise project where we used his systems. They are expert, easy, completely detailed and I highly recommend him.  

---Mel Ebling, P.E., Hoboken, NJ 


Hi, I’m CFO of Tessler Developments, we just finished a $150,000,000.00 dollar project with Ken Van Liew. The systems that he brought to the table were able to realize a profit of 25% return in a very easy way. Listen to the man because he is going to bring you a lot of money.

---Ari Herman, CFO, Tessler Developments, New York City  


I am an associate with Gace Structural Engineers in New York, and we just finished a 100,000 square feet project with Ken Van Liew.  It was a 20-story building on the corner of Park Avenue and 19th Street and I tell you, the guy really knows his systems.  They profited $50 million dollars out of this project.  I don’t know how he does it however he is an expert and knows exactly what he is doing to make millions.  

---Robert Franco, P.E., Partner, Gace, New York City 


I am a project manager for Hill International and because of Mr. Ken Van Liew I have drastically changed my life with my family and my personal income. Ken coached me for two months on my real estate investments and after one week of him making me clear with knowledge I made $95,000 dollars. My wife and I advise everyone to hear what he has to say because good things are going to come of it.  

---Brendan Mulchay, Queens, New York  



I've known Ken Van Liew for about three years. His system helped me out to build my restaurant during a very difficult time for me. He can really put everything together; he made it so easy for me to go through the process of building a restaurant from scratch. I'm really impressed with the way he does things, he's always very positive, full of energy and it's a pleasure to know him. Whenever I see him, I get a bit of energy from him and I'm really lucky to be his friend and know that he still helps me to this day.  

---William Mattiello, Owner Via Emilia, New York City


You get at least 10 times your

money's worth!

Remember, you can create millions on JUST ONE DEAL.

This knowledge is worth a fortune to you. It cost me two master degrees, more than 26 years of my personal time, and millions of dollars in mistakes to learn what you'll pick up from this mastery course.

I wish there could have had someone lead me directly to on the success road like I am doing for you.

Anyone can do it. I've made is so simple you can follow the steps, even if you are starting with no money.

As I calculated conservatively, it has cost me more than $1,617,000.00 to create the documents you'll receive in this course in overall soft and legal fees accounted for on my first project.

The real estate forms, entity structure and agreements cost me more than $72,000 alone! I have all the proof and documents to prove it and I will show them to you. The materials and knowledge are worth its weight in GOLD and to have someone show you the steps to start your own real estate development company are 2nd to none.

I paid a very high price in life to learn how to do the commercial real estate business. And all of it you can learn from this course - literally wrapped up for you like a birthday gift.

This Course is Priceless!

SO I want to give you a friendly reminder of the definition of INSANITY.

Doing the same thing and expecting a different result.  

Don’t Hesitate Any Longer, Change Your Life Forever And Take ACTION NOW!


 In summary, here's what you get:




Luck Is When Preparation Meets Opportunity” - Starting Today, You Can Get Your Hands On The Most Powerful Real Estate Resources In The World For Only $39.

The “Ultimate Commercial Real Estate Mastery System™ Features NOT One But Three Courses With SEVEN “FEE GOLD™” PROFIT CENTERS As You Develop Your Portfolio


I’m introducing the most powerful and complete real estate investment and development system in the world.

For today only, you can capture the greatest and most powerful real estate resources in the world for only $39.

If you think that is a bold statement, don’t worry because you'll be thoroughly convinced before you get to the end of my letter. This “How to Become a Commercial Real Estate Developer With None of Your Own Money™”deal has tremendous value and it teaches you the skill sets that allow you to perform real estate investments and developments anywhere in the country.

More Millionaires Have Been Created in Real Estate than Any Other Investment Vehicle which is why I've created “The “Ultimate Commercial Real Estate Mastery System™”. The course consists of Not 1 but 3 courses that take you from starting your own real estate development company to large commercial real estate developments and investments with proven, profit generating strategies to build wealth with real estate with none of your own money. You will realize fees of 10-15% of total development costs, and methods of high-yielding returns of 18% to 100% on your private investors money using our lending techniques and we give you the road map in your hands to be successful beyond your dreams.

The “Ultimate Commercial Real Estate Mastery System™” reveals not one but three systems that allow you to get started making immediate cash while you discover skill sets for unlimited private lending and proven “Fee Gold™”ways to create wealth with real estate. It’s the most complete real estate course featuring the real deal with 7 “FEE GOLD™” profit generating centers.

Everyone knows that successful real estate investors are familiar with not just one, but several ways to purchase real estate at a discount.

The “Ultimate Commercial Real Estate Mastery System™”

Three Quality Courses in One Exclusive Offer:



Book One - How To Find Unlimited Commercial Projects To Start Your Own Real Estate Company, By Kenneth J. Van Liew, P.E.



Book Two - Discover Strategies To Fund Unlimited Projects, Apartment Buildings, Commercial Real Estate Acquisitions and Developments, By Kenneth J. Van Liew, P.E.  


Book Three - How to Invest, Facilitate, Renovate Or Develop Any Commercial Real Estate Projects With None of  Your Own Money, 100% Financed , By Kenneth J. Van Liew



1st you'll learn how to get started with proven systems to make immediate cash, 2nd you will discover simple techniques to raise unlimited capital and 3rd you will master how to develop commercial real esatate deal with none of your own money enabling you to invest or develop in any type project, anywhere in the country with NO MONEY, 100% FINANCED! Plus - you get bonuses when you register now only worth $3,098.00 and a whole lot of confidence in your pocket.


How To Find Unlimited Commercial Projects To Start Your Own Real Estate Company  
Step-by-Step Process How TO Start Your Own Real Estate Development Company TO Invest And Develop 8 Figure Deals  

Real estate is the simplest and least path of resistance to financial freedom. This is true today as it has been for fifty years and will be fifty years from now. If you want financial freedom, real estate must be a large part of your portfolio. It’s either stocks or real estate so if you prefer a tangible asset your choice in real estate. If that’s the case you need this proven knowledge.
How To Find Unlimited Commercial Real Estate Projects will show you how to get started and locate the best deals with seven methods to produce immediate cash with little or no-money down.
Excellent for beginners or experienced investors on how to get started in commercial real estate, which is the key to generating low-risk, quick cash and the skills toward financial independence
Once we shift your mindset and you start your own commercial real estate investment company you will Discover Step-by-Step Techniques and Strategies!


The system will teach you the following...



In this course you will learn:

How to get started fast with NO MONEY!

How to collect money at every step of the process.

The complete psychology of finding deals (There are more deals available to you than you can handle!)

How to generate unlimited deals flow.

How to have multiple exit options - All of which make you millions!  

The Art of locking up investments.

How to do your due diligence - Without this knowledge you'll lose millions and go broke! I'll save you from the major mistakes most investors make in commercial deals.  

The Steps to Conceptual Design (Zoning, topography, environmental evaluations, etc.)

The Step-by-step Complete analysis system (Cash flow, budget, income, time frame, pre-qualifying game)

How to Determine Market & Financial feasibility (Demographics, Income rates, length of time to profit)

How to get experienced professionals to do all the work for you.

How to get green lights at every step of the process - If you don't know this you'll be held up on approvals for years!

Full case study and explanations.

My very own personal success tools for you to use.

Behind the scenes information on the New World Trade center construction site build.

Actual Video visits to commercial construction sites of different sizes with breakdowns on why these projects are successful.

Complete understanding of the system that makes this complex world very simple.

How to manage properties without having to talk to a single tenant.

How to master the art of negotiation.

How to package every document for instant credibility.

Full legal protections with high value documents included.

Generating the funds with ease.

Complete legal documents, construction contracts, trade scope of works and business form files you can utilize in your projects. These documents alone I've paid over $1,221,347.00.

Mastermind exit strategy and winning sales approach.

How to get full support and complete strategies to win.

And much more!


Second, the “Ultimate Commercial Real Estate Mastery System™” will show you how to raise unlimited funds for your apartment portfolio and commercial real estate developments. More and more foreclosures are happening all around the country, so if you have unlimited funds, guess what, it’s your time to take advantage of these opportunities. Why do I say this? It’s because we teach you how to raise unlimited private funding positioning yourself to buy, buy and buy!
Have you ever thought that you would able to approach a bank to present a plan that can save them serious money by finishing their uncompleted projects? Yes, there is a niche that not many people know about. The banks are in trouble and they need your help NOW


Discover Strategies To Fund Unlimited Apartment Buildings, Commercial Real Estate Acquisitions and Developments  
Learn The Simple Techniques Of Private Lending So You Can Position Yourself To FUND Unlimited Deals.

I'm so excited to share with you one of the best ways to raise private capital for your real estate investment and development projects. You no longer need to worry about raising money because we give you a step by step course for you to raise unlimited funds.
 These techniques alone are worth their weight in gold, which will enable you to fund unlimited deals. If you feed a man a fish, you will feed him for the day. If you teach a man to fish, you teach him to eat for a lifetime. Plus, you can do this with little to no money, credit, and it's virtually risk free. It's so exciting, it almost sounds too good to be true.
This book was written from practical experience…dumb downed into a simple format. It's all straight forward and to the point.
Discover Step-by-Step Unlimited Funding techniques and Dynamic Strategies!


 Thirdly, The “Ultimate Commercial Real Estate Mastery System™” will show you     how to enjoy safe, certain and predictable returns that will enable you to retire on one deal!


How to Invest, Facilitate, Renovate or Develop Any Commercial Real Estate Project With None of Your Own  Money, 100% Financed
How To Build Your Personal Fortune With One “Commercial Real Estate Project” and Retire.


For a limited time, I’m introducing the most powerful and complete real estate development system in the world. The “How To Become a Commercial Real Estate Investor with None of Your Own Money” systems have been tested in New York City, the toughest commercial real estate development market in the world, equivalent to playing in a Major League Baseball All-Star game.

When you’ve reach the honor of playing in the ALL-STAR game, you can play the real estate development game anywhere on this planet. I’m not pulling your leg, this is the only real estate development and investing resource, quite literally, on the face of the earth that will give you the edge...
The “Find, Fund & Facilitate™” system included in manual features 300 plus pages detailing exactly how you can profit from Commercial Real Estate Investment and Development.
This course starts off with a simple explanation detailing why the real estate developer is the ultimate position in real estate. Why…Because it injects you into the old boys club, exclusivity and the zenith in real estate. You are NOW in a business that will change your life giving you opportunities that you never ever imagined.  
Finally, this course also features “FEE GOLD™” strategies, where you can earn substantial fees legally ranging from 10-15% of the total development cost. On an “8 Figure Deal” that’s $600,000.00. I started paying myself $27,000 per/ month three months after starting the system and seriously hit the ground running!


Here's what "The Ultimate Commercial Real Estate Mastery System™" can do for you


Show you how to become rich with commercial real estate.  
Enable you to provide an extravagant lifestyle for your family for the rest of your life and future generations to come.  
Gives you freedom of time with the money to enjoy it.
Lets you live a life of Luxury and Leisure.
Allows you to work less and relax more knowing you're family is provided for and money continues to flow to you.  
Give you private membership with the elite class of commercial real estate investors who make more money on 1 deal than residential investors make in their entire life.  
Own the attractive things a TON of money can buy. Have them NOW without waiting for years to get them.
Have the financial resources to Always get what you want when you want it.  
Have the security and peace of mind money can bring. You'll feel safer with lifetime supply of money in your bank account
Give your the free time to give back to others who can benefit from your success, which will improve your health and you will live a longer better quality of  life.  
Have others admiring you for your incredible success (it is easy with the system I'm teaching you but people will admire and call you a genius anyway).  
Get the beautiful dream home(s) and nice cars you really want!  
Create time freedom for you to have magnificent relationships with your loved ones.  
Have the ability to create "Generational Wealth" to provide for and protect your family for generations to come.  
Be the good parent who is able to enjoy quality time with your children anytime you want while knowing your real estate is making you a JUMBO JET sized pile of CASH. 
Be fashionable with the latest trends and look like a million bucks. Money does buy the best things in life!
Live your greatest fantasies! Travel, adventures, and more!  


Suppose that as the result of reading the “Ultimate Commercial Real Estate Mastery System™”, you're able to unleash a flood of wealth and prosperity into your life, regardless of your credit, education or experience.


Learn To Do The BIG Deals!




You WILL succeed, it's Guaranteed.

Act immediately and receive the following bonuses:



Since I know it's 100% to your benefit to act right away, I want to sweeten the pot and give you every possible reason to say YES today! If you respond immediately, you'll also…

Receive Over $3,098 in Valuable Bonuses For Ordering The “Ultimate Commercial Real Estate Mastery System™” Today!


FREE BONUS #1: Special Report: The 59 Ways Real Estate Developments Fail ($24.99 Value)
Learn the SECRETS That Will Save You Millions From Errors That We Have Already Prevented For You To Add Millions To Your Bottom Line.

This is without question the best quality bonus I can offer.  A quality listing of the entire mistakes you can make now easily prevented "Ultimate How-To Guide" for developing real estate. You will learn specifically what to do and how to do it. This solid, easy to read, step-by-step real estate manual gives you detailed instructions on how to invest.


FREE BONUS #2: The National Real Estate Investment Glossary ($24.99 Value)
Learn All The Buzz Words And Understand All The Necessary Terms In Real Estate Making You The Expert With An Edge on Your Next Investment.

This document has been provided by the New York Real Estate Investment Academy founded by me with 26 years practical experience in the BIG LEAGUES! There are over 350 definitions for you to instantly obtain serious material knowledge.  
Learn from the master on how to breakdown the Bundle of Legal Rights and use them to your benefit.  


FREE BONUS #3: LLC Operating Agreement for Your New Real Estate Development Company ($2500.00 Value)
This Is The Actual Agreement Used To Start My Real Estate Empire On a Silver Platter.

This is a picture of all my closing documents.  The document that I've included for you is worth 25 times the cost of this cost. My group's attorney charged me $2500 to structure my new business.

FREE BONUS #4: Check List: Step by Step For Real Estate Investment and Development ($24.99 Value)
The Step By Step Check List On How To Develop Commercial Real Estate Projects With None of Your Own Money!

This is a diamond in the rough that I wish I had 26 years ago. This is a step by step check list for you to follow through on your next project. This will save you time and money.

FREE BONUS #5: The Ultimate Entity Structure For Any Business ($197.00 Value)
New Strategies For Keeping More Profits With This Easy Step-By-Step Guide For Tax Deferred Even Tax Free Profits.

This flow chart is something that you’ve probably never seen before however I know you’ve thought of many time how can I save money in taxes instead of paying Uncle Sam. This entity structure allows you to filter your income reducing taxable income while earning you an extra $20,000 per year without any effort. That right, effortless prosperity that goes directly into your bank account.


FREE BONUS #6: The “Paper Napkin™” Analyzer For Any Real Estate Project ($24.99 Value)
Learn A Simple “Paper Napkin” Analysis SO You Can Analyze The Return On Investment For Any Project Within Minutes.

One of the key to success is eliminating the tendency of paralysis analysis where you freeze in the moment and fail to take advantage of the golden opportunity. Well no reason to sweat the small stuff any longer because this Excel spreadsheet allows you to figure your financial feasibility within minute positioning yourself for an immediate offer. Remember, IF you snooze you lose so take advantage of this gift for your next investment.


FREE BONUS #7: Taxation Mastery Video ($197.00 Value)
Business Systems Master Ken Van Liew Outlines The Steps And Strategies He Used With Entity Structure And Taxation Filtration That Enable You to Earn 0ver $10,000.00 Per Year For Simply Planning For Your Taxes Effectively.
And I decided to give you the icing on the cake... that you must keep for yourself as my personal gift to you. This is my favorite secret:


Wisdom in Taxation


But that's not even the Half of it...

You will be blown away by this strategy and wish you would have known it years ago. This strategy of taxation filtration is not new, yet very few are willing to share the secrets that will allow you to create a fortune. Get ready to learn one of the greatest strategies of all time.


FREE BONUS #8: Virtual Tour - Actual Hi-Rise Construction Project, 240 Park Avenue South, New York City ($Priceless)
Master Developer Ken Van Liew Takes You Step By Step, By The Hand Through This 8 Figure Deal, A New York City, Park Avenue Development Project As He Personally Instructs You How To Get It Done Right!

The projects I've developed are real.  That’s right actual buildings that I have developed for you see and touch. The real thing…so check it out because this is a treat.

FREE BONUS #9: Copy of My Book - “Secrets Of How To Own The Home Of Your Dreams With Little Or No Money Down Regardless of Credit” ($24.99 Value)

These are secrets that will help you whether you are a new home buyer or if you are looking to upgrade into a larger home. Step by step procedures on how to acquire your dream home.

FREE BONUS #10: Copy of My Book - The Practical Business Owner’s Guide To Create & Master Clients For Life ($24.99 Value)

If you are not familiar with the life time value of customers you have to reads my book. SO many people ignore the fact of the life expectancy value. They are most likely short sighted focusing on immediate cash and forget about the residual income of a lifetime customer. My philosophies will make you make you millions by following these simple strategies because repeat clients and word of mouth are effortless means of marketing. Remember to have your ‘Keep in Touch” program going at all times.


FREE BONUS #11: (Coming Soon) Free Trial Membership To The Real Estate Investment Academy ($29.00 Value)

Get real estate, investing and success lessons from one of the toughest markets in the world. A complete investors portal with tips, lessons, property deals, leadership training and more!


If you've researched other real estate courses, you may already know that they typically sell for several hundred to a couple thousand dollars or more.
This course could easily sell for several hundreds of dollars. I personally know of gurus out there who are charging hundreds, even thousands of dollars for a fraction of the information contained in The “Ultimate Commercial Real Estate Mastery System™” and most of it is eye wash, quantity NOT quality...
Maybe you are asking yourself, "What's the difference between this course and the high priced packages?" The answer is the price and the quality of the value received!
I want the opportunity to impact your life more than anyone before. I’ve been given the opportunity to help many people and I thrive on it. I am 100% committed to not letting money your fears stand in the way of your dreams coming true. Let's face it; the profits from just one commercial project will retire you forever.
I love giving people a great deal because GIVING is RECEIVING So, I am offering this entirely unique, immediately usable, and extremely simple information for only $39.
When you today before 11:59 PM, you'll receive nine e-books, two quick-start audio's, videos and free trial membership to
This is a limited time offer. After that who knows, we may raise the price or eliminate the bonuses.


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The “Ultimate Commercial Real Estate Mastery System™
Features NOT One But Three Courses With SEVEN “FEE
GOLD™” PROFIT CENTERS As You Develop Your Portfolio

By Now You are Probably Asking Yourself Two Questions: 

1. If you are making millions doing deals, why the heck would you use your time to teach me and...

2. Why would you give away your secrets and invaluable information for such a ridiculously low price?

Why would I help someone who I really don't know instead of spending time on more projects? Well, I'll will be honest with you.  Because I want to make money doing projects with you.  My students are becoming a powerful source of great partnerships where we can make massive money in the process. We can become your partner and benefit you and your project in many ways. The course helps me spread the system all over the country, which I could not do this in the past. I want to partner with the best students.  Also...

...When you reach a certain point of financial success in life, it is not only about you; you want to contribute to others as well because it makes you feel good. This is my field of expertise and the feeling to contribute to someone's financial freedom is beyond words: it is FANTASTIC! Plus I love this business and teaching my secrets is quite exciting for me!

"Ken, you are now at a contribution stage in life and I can be a source of business for you but I am skeptical on why you really give more than $3,000 for $39? This sounds like marketing techniques to me..."

This course must have enough participants who make a financial commitment towards this knowledge to make it worth sharing because the human need I’m serving is contribution.

Individually, it is not worth it for me because my outcome is minimal but as a massive group, it is worth the time we put in to create results. As I give my expertise to massive groups instead of individual's, it makes sense for me to continue with this program because it gives you the opportunity to massively contribute which was my goal after losing my best friend in the World Trade Center collapse. Life is too short.

In fact, we train future partners instead of hiring employees who could turn their back anytime to become competitors.  We want partners and friends; it is good for me and you. Also...

By giving you a lot and proving my expertise to you, I know you will want me to be part of your jump in the big leagues.

Honestly, we are all about integrity and commitment and when we meet in person, we both will recognize our mutual values.  I still believe in honor and a good handshake and I hope you do too.

Please understand - you don't have to partner with me; it's not a requirement at all. You could keep all the money on your first deal. That's fine too because my desired outcome is for you to succeed. I’m already successful and want you to be successful.

Regardless of your decision to partner with me, you're a winner either way! We're talking about “Commercial Real Estate Investments With None of Your Own Money™” so please  step up! How bad do you really want your financial freedom?

I want you to study this course and materials without any concerns, so you feel 100% comfortable with your decision.  I want you to have an iron-clad, unwavering confidence that you're making a wise, necessary investment for yourself and your family.

You've Got Nothing to Lose AND A World Of Profits To Gain With My 60 Day Risk-Free Money Back Guarantee!



I'm investing in you, and promise to deliver not only THE HIGHEST QUALIFY INFORMATION AND MATERIAL, but also REAL examples and analysis of REAL deals.  What better way to learn?

You can't lose with my 100% ironclad, bullet proof money-back guarantee

And to make it EASY for you to decide, I'll take away all your risk. Yes, you read that correctly. If for any reason you are not thoroughly impressed with the knowledge obtained by my course within the next 8 weeks I will issue a refund immediately! You've got nothing to lose and many profits to gain.

If for any reason you just don't like this product, me or my company, I will refund 100% of your money. I'm not interested in working with you unless you're 100% committed to the program and excited to learn these strategies

All of this for an incredibly low, tax-deductible price of $39!  

Take Action And Order The “Ultimate Commercial Real Estate Mastery System™” Now And Receive $3,098.00 In FREE BONUSES, But This Deal Will Not Last!!


Think of it from this perspective, it’s not that you can’t afford it… you can't afford NOT to invest in The “Ultimate Commercial Real Estate Mastery System™”.
With my 60 day Money Back Guarantee you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. By learning and applying the strategies you can live the lifestyle you've always dreamed about, but never had.


How can I make this

unparalleled guarantee?


Simple: No one has ever failed

when using my system!

One more thing, here's another incentive to order now, the course is 100% tax deductible. That’s right, good old Uncle Sam will reward you.

For purchasing the Course you can deduct the entire cost directly off your income!

Just ask your tax advisor about the deductibility of educational expenses, they will tell you.

I will be honored to lead you towards your commercial real estate success! You have no risk other than changing your life for the better!  

The “Ultimate Commercial Real Estate Mastery System™ Features
NOT One But Three Courses With SEVEN “FEE GOLD™” PROFIT
CENTERS As You Develop Your Portfolio


Yes Ken, I Want To Order and Download
"The Ultimate Commercial Real Estate Mastery System™" NOW for $39 and Receive Over $3,098.00 In FREE BONUSES!



You can get access to the promised materials immediately online with your SECURE credit card or PayPal account using our secured and verified merchant account. Once processed, you will be able to download your course and $3,098.00 in valuable FREE Bonus materials immediately.
You deserve Congratulations; you now have the tools to retire on one deal, when you own “The Ultimate Commercial Real Estate Mastery System™”. You'll begin to make instant cash from real estate deals in as little as a few weeks with the ultimate project that sets you FREE for life.

It has been my pleasure spending a few minutes with you to explain this opportunity and I hope you see the light and opportunities in your future with this wealth of information.

To your success!

Kenneth J. Van Liew, P.E. 

P.S. Remember, I am only guaranteeing my bonuses for a limited time. I can't make this offer forever. PLEASE (I'm asking nicely!) do not email me and get upset if you try to order and I am no longer including $3,098.00 in FREE BONUSES.

P.P.S. Don't delay, we can guarantee the “Ultimate Commercial Real Estate Mastery System™” will sell out! There are only Limited and they will go on a first-come, first-serve basis. When the courses are gone the system shuts down! Then you'll miss out on an incredible opportunity to make your dreams come true. Understand this is very special.

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P.P.S. - Remember, 100% Money Back Guarantee. If you're not happy for any reason, and if you can't see yourself making at least 100 times your investment in the Course, then contact our staff for a no questions asked refund.


"It is in our moments of decision that our destiny is shaped"

- Anthony Robbins


One Final Note:


Make it happen for YOU and join me on the incredible journey of real estate investment and don't forget that your payment is tax deductible.


Click Here to Order and Download "The Ultimate Commercial Real Estate Mastery System™" NOW for only $39 and Receive Over $3,098.00 In FREE BONUSES!


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*This course is the result of my over 26 years experience investing in real estate and developing large commercial projects in the toughest real estate market in the world. Thank you for sharing my dream of making the seemingly impossible - possible to the average person with a dream. Remember, 

"Credis Quod, Et Habit... Et Habis" - "Whatever you think is Real, is Real"

" Have An Outstanding Day!"

 - Ken Van Liew

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