Chaz Tedesco loves solving problems and creating workflows with technology. He creates, scales, and optimizes business operations and marketing through system implementation and process creation. Focused on driving results and building strong teams to quickly adapt and grow organizations.

“When it comes down to it there is nothing that you cannot accomplish if you do not put your mind to it.” This is something he has constantly reminded myself of since I was young, and by taking this very simple motto and applying it to business it is amazing how it still holds true. No matter what the task has been or how difficult he have always applied himself only to find that his goals have been reached and surpassed. When facing challenges in work or day-to-day life following this simple phrase allows him to conquer any task.

Interaction with others is something he simply needs in my daily life, and he highly values and enjoys meeting new people and making new friends. His social interactions have strengthened his overall confidence and ability to communicate information in a way that can be understood clearly.