The Most Affective Strategy to Close More Probate Deals with Sharon Vornholt

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The Ken Van Liew Show
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Sharon Vornholt is the founder of Innovative Property Solutions and the Louisville Gals. She has been a real estate investor since the 90’s and through the years, she has explored many niches and asset classes, which ultimately led her to where she is today.

Listen to this episode to learn more about Sharon, her businesses, and why she believes probates are a great niche to be in!

Key Talking Points of the Episode

00:00 Introduction

01:30 What is Sharon’s background?

02:25 What did Sharon learn from the first REIA meeting she went to?

03:16 How did Sharon get into wholesaling?

04:25 How did Sharon’s home inspection experience help in real estate investing?

06:03 How did Sharon learn about probates?

07:10 What made Sharon decide to create a program about probates?

08:49 What makes probates such a lucrative niche?

10:41 Why is it important to have the right message when you’re marketing?

13:00 What is the challenge for the families dealing with these estate sales?

15:48 What is the best way to find probate leads?

17:06 How do probate transactions work?

19:14 What is the best way to approach probate leads?

21:10 Why does direct mail work the best for probates?

23:47 What is the importance of learning the basics of probates?

26:45 How does direct mailing work in probates?

29:59 What does it take to find success in probates?

31:44 How can you learn more about probates from Sharon?


“People pass away, so every month, month-over-month, 12 months a year, there’s a new group of probates every single month.”

“These people need our help – that’s the mindset that I have to overcome with investors and agents. You’re not taking advantage of them or anything like that.”

“If you can say to them, take what you want – mementos, paperwork, if you want any furniture, whatever that looks like to you, take that and leave the rest and we’ll take care of the rest for you.”

“Each county has a different process, so you have to learn what the process is in your county, where the leads are found.”

“You wanna have a low key marketing touch point and you want to have your overriding message to be I will be right here when you’re ready to sell.”

“These are leads that need to close, so you’re not gonna be able to do any fancy, creative strategies.”

“90% of your competition, statistically speaking, will quit on or before the third mailing. Guess where that leaves you? You wanna just be that 10% that’s the last man standing.”

“Marketing is how you get leads, but branding is why they choose you.”


Website: Louisville Gals Real Estate Blog

Email: Sharon Vornholt