1031 Exchange and Deferred Sales Trust | Everything You Need to Know! with Brett Swarts

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The Ken Van Liew Show
1031 Exchange and Deferred Sales Trust | Everything You Need to Know! with Brett Swarts

Brett Swarts is the founder of Capital Gains Tax Solutions, a company that’s focused on helping investors exit from their investments without the pain of dealing with taxes through solutions based on the tax code itself. His team helps high net worth individuals make the most of their investments so they can achieve all the kinds of freedom they want in life.

Listen now to learn more about Brett and how his team helps investors and entrepreneurs!

Key Talking Points of the Episode

00:00 Introduction

01:51 Who is Brett Swarts?

03:48 What is Brett’s family life like?

06:03 What is a Deferred Sales Trust?

07:27 How is a Deferred Sales Trust different from a 1031 Exchange?

10:08 What are the disadvantages of a 1031 Exchange?

11:34 What are the biggest benefits of doing a Deferred Sales Trust?

14:40 What else does the Deferred Sales Trust do for investors?

17:03 Who can take advantage of a Deferred Sales Trust?

22:25 Why should investors take advantage of a Deferred Sales Trust?

26:27 What is Brett’s book about?

27:51 How did Brett and I meet?

30:15 How can you defer estate taxes using a Deferred Sales Trust?

32:39 How can people get started on using a Deferred Sales Trust?

34:10 What is Brett’s advice for entrepreneurs and investors?


“A lot of people don’t only want financial freedom, but they want location freedom, entrepreneurial freedom, and legacy freedom, and so what’s so unique about the Deferred Sales Trust is it allows you to have all those other freedoms.”

“Oftentimes, the 1031 Exchange is just putting us into something that perhaps is not really solving the location freedom, time freedom, and entrepreneurial freedom.”

“This Deferred Sales Trust not only defers the capital gains tax, but it helps to actually solve where people are trying to go.”

“It’s not always great when you have to overpay for properties. We saw between ‘04, ‘05, and ‘06, these people exchanging and overpaying oftentimes, and they had too much debt, not enough liquidity, and not enough diversification.”

“You have no more time restrictions. You don’t have this 45 day window to identify, 180 days to close, which we call the shotgun wedding where you’re running around with your hair on fire, trying to close a deal – we don’t have that problem.”

“You can sell those assets for fair market value to a buyer during your lifetime and upon the sale, we can move the equity outside of your taxable estate.”


Website: Capital Gains Tax Solutions