The Only Two Things the Business Owners Fear with Brent Bowers

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The Ken Van Liew Show
The Only Two Things the Business Owners Fear with Brent Bowers

Brent Bowers, the CEO of The Land Sharks, is an expert investor and coach. He works with hundreds of students nationwide, teaching them the best ways to invest in land and build their real estate businesses. Today, he is with us on the show to help us learn his best practices and most effective strategies.

Listen now to learn more about Brent, land investing, and more!

Key Talking Points of the Episode

00:00 Introduction

01:06 Who is Brent Bowers?

02:22 What is Brent’s background?

04:00 What was Brent’s motivation to get into real estate investing?

05:17 How did Brent get started in real estate investing while in the military?

06:27 What was the first list Brent started mailing?

07:34 What was Brent’s first land deal like?

10:24 What kind of deals does Brent work with?

12:01 How does Brent arbitrage his land deals?

13:20 What is the typical objective of a land buyer that agrees to terms?

15:48 How did Brent grow into the life he has today?

19:33 How did Brent make use of his military experience for his businesses today?

21:25 What do you accomplish when you work with Brent?

24:17 What is Brent doing to continue growing?

25:40 How does contributing to your community help you succeed?

28:10 How can you get in touch with Brent?


“There are two types of motivation for people and one is running away from a problem and the other one is running towards pleasure – I’m more of motivated by running away from a problem.”

“I surround myself with people that are smarter than me, I hire people that are smarter than me, and that has allowed me to increase that compounding effect to make it look like I’m doing all of the stuff, but really, it’s the support of an amazing tribe and village.”

“We’re all fear of failure and fear of rejection – that’s the only two things we fear.”

“The whole emphasis is giving people instruction that can take action, and when I say people, I mean our students that can take action.”

“Fulfillment in life comes from continuing to grow and contributing.”

“You could get double the impact when you’re contributing and how you feel, drag your kids along, and I’m telling you – it’s just unbelievable.”


Book: The Compound Effect

Instagram: Brent Bowers

Youtube: Brent Bowers