Modern Wealth Building Formula Book

Get your piece of 
the Real Estate Market

Want to increase your cash flow, reduce your investment risks, and retire with wealth?

Then this is the book for you! Real Estate investing has produced 90% of all Millionaires. But you don’t have to take this journey alone. Together, we can manage your investment, build your portfolio and find the best opportunities to meet your risk tolerance. 

Buy Dirt Book Ken Van Liew

Work Hard, Play Harder, Buy DIRT

Punch your ticket into the world of real estate, with bestselling author and master builder Ken Van Liew.

Dirt delivers a wealth of knowledge in a captivating story giving the reader the inside track on making money in real estate.

Dirt reveals the vast prospects residing in the real estate market — from commercial to residential, new builds to fixer-uppers, skyscrapers to single-family homes, and much more. A must read for everyday investors looking for a simple understanding of real estate investing and a shot at getting in the game.

Quitter Book by Ken Van Liew

QUITTER: Change Your Thinking, Change Your Life

It’s time you quit your way to the life of your dreams!

Change your life from what it has always been to what it ought to be, and get better results in all areas of your life.

In Quitters, you will understand how to quit the things that stand between achieving your aspirations and settling for a “good enough” mindset. Welcome to the fresh voices that have the power to transform your life. You only need to one thing to hear them. Quit.

Leap, Life Begins at 60 by Ken Van Liew

LEAP – Life Begins at 60 : 10 Leaps to Growing Young Again

It’s life's greatest mystery. How do I stay young? Leap introduces the reader to youth after sixty, – ideas, techniques and wisdom that can empower you, enhance your health and cause you to return to the youth you once knew.

Leap demystifies the magic of becoming young again by reverse-engineering the 10 leaps every baby makes to turn itself into a young human and makes a return to a vital and youthful life accessible to everyone.

A must read for every reader who wants to become young again.

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