David Choi is a seasoned Real Estate Professional and Entrepreneur. Before starting Leverage Companies, David worked for some of the largest development and private equity companies in the country, including Hampshire and Kayne Anderson. David has been involved in the management of private equity portfolios of over $2 Billion AUM and has personally been involved in thousands of Real Estate transactions. David is an expert in the syndication of capital and creative financing to assemble deals with unconventional and unique capital structures.

Through his extensive experiences in real estate, on both the debt and equity platforms, he was able to find inefficiencies in the traditional acquisition and deal sourcing processes. In 2017, he began developing a proprietary deal sourcing platform, using a data-driven approach to sourcing and acquiring deals on a national level. Presently, he's the CEO of Leverage Companies and is actively
purchasing, renovating, renting, and/or selling over 100 properties a year. David is also one of the founding partners in Leverage Capital Ventures, a Private Mortgage Origination company, originating over $100+ million in Real Estate bridge financing in its first year.

David graduated Cum Laude with a B.S. degree in Finance and Real Estate from Rutgers University and is an alumni member of the Rutgers Center of Real Estate Studies.