Ellis Hammond has spent the last six years building Christian communities on college campuses across San Diego. He has been an evangelist for his cause, raising nearly two hundred thousand dollars and launching faithful Christians into the world of business and ministry.

Ellis is also a successful Real Estate Investor who began investing in Real Estate 3 years ago with the goal of creating more passive income to support his family.

He quickly found himself investing in bigger deals and syndicating large multi-family apartment complexes. He is now the founder of EllisHammond.com. He manages a private network of investors seeking passive investment opportunities in multifamily syndications across the United States.

Kingdom Capitalists came about through Ellis’ desire to see more Christian business leaders take up the call of making an impact for the Kingdom of God through the ministry of work.

As a former Christian pastor, Ellis brings this same passion and mission oriented approach into Real Estate. His belief is that capital equals influence and he seeks to align himself with partners who want to use capital to create impact.