Josiane Mede is currently in the healthcare industry and has been for over 13 years now. Throughout her career she has explored different aspects in nursing and is looking forward to trying other niches. She's always had a passion for helping others and it is so rewarding to me to know that I have participated in improving a patient’s well being.

At home, she is a single mom of 2 kids, a girl and a boy. Many wonder how she does it all while holding down a job but she just does. She honestly does not know any other way. They are the apple of her eyes and she considers herself very blessed to be their mother. For her, raising these little humans to be nothing less than extraordinary is one of the most difficult jobs one could have but also the most gratifying one as well. In some ways it's made her stronger and is preparing her for the greater things that she is about to encounter in life.

It is only after high school and experiencing the real world on her own when her mindset really began to shift. She's always been told that in order to be successful in life we have to study hard to get into a good school; graduate from University and start your career. So that was her parents painting of leading a victorious life. It was nothing less and nothing more. This limited way of thinking was no longer for her, so she began to envision more for herself.

She always seemed to have an entrepreneurial spirit, a burning desire to succeed but had yet to find the vehicle to take her to the heights she destined to aspire. She knew I did not want to spend her entire life trading her time in for a few hundred dollars. She sees herself to be in such a high position that would allow her to help others on a whole new level because money comes abundantly.

She has been passionate about Real Estate for many years and believes that there are so many dimensions to explore. During the pandemic, she really decided to take action and take it step by step and rely on faith that she would figure things out along the way. It was ok that she didn't know what steps laid ahead but as long as action was taken, she would be even closer to accomplishing her goals. After many education sessions on Real Estate Investing, it became evident to her that she had developed a love for Commercial Real Estate and Development as the opportunities are endless. By merging her love for Multi-Family Real Estate, sophistication and high quality living, She created a company by the name of JLuxeHomes LLC. that caters to high end apartment buildings and provides its tenants with a superior way of living.

This world is filled with possibilities, the sky is really our limit if we just believe that we can achieve anything!