Monique K. Rose, Creative Entrepreneur, Educator and Consultant, creates systems that offer educational services to support families in fitness and finance. She's a SUNY and CUNY Alumna, earning a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Albany State University and Masters of Science in Education from Herbert H Lehman College. She commenced her career in Education as a Middle/High School Teacher for Humanities courses at 21 years old and facilitated professional development workshops geared towards student engagement and classroom management. It was not long after that she embarked on her creative dreams in e-commerce.

She established Mo’s Motivational Health Club in 2018 to offer weight management education through personal training, nutrition consultations, and fitness workshops. Her latest creation is an online course, called TYIC Education, for aspiring creatives to turn their revolutionary and humanitarian projects into a start-up company. When she is not consumed with creative business endeavors, she's modeling, volunteering, writing, traveling, spending quality time with her family, and supporting her local church and nonprofits dedicated to philanthropy. Monique is enthusiastic about building new connections with people and is always open to potential collaborations or partnerships.