Sean Flannery's goal is to work with inspired people to create a product or company that has a unique quality in todays market. With a diverse background I find myself easily able to work with Finance but also Sales, Manufacturing and Design.

His vast network allows for numerous business opportunities however, sales and product development is a specialty. Developing strong teams to support the products created is a task I have performed for 23 years.

He has worked around the globe and understand the thought process behind numerous cultures in turn allowing me to sell, design and manufacture on a global basis. In the end its all about the adventure, the pure passion in doing what you love.

For me that is development. Products owned and developed include Camileon Heels, Grip Buddy, Aura technologies, Splash Pools, G Resorts, Chill Shot, Sheelens, and Distinctive Properties. Licensees developed: Levis Loungewear, 310, Roccawear Jrs, Dada, Antonio Ansoldi, Kappa and hundreds of consulting projects along the way.

Flannery Enterprises is a consulting firm that focuses on brand development at every stage. From concept to production, sales and promotion we are here to help you make your idea a reality. Our motto is “Networking the World” With our global contacts we are able to assist many companies at every level make the proper introductions no matter what field your company is in. Regions of focus; Asia, Colombia, India, Mexico, Canada, Europe and North America.