Through her love of helping people, Sonja started her career in the social and healthcare area, where she worked for more than 10 years with healthcare & humanitarian organizations.

She has a Degree in Business Administration / Hospital Management, a Diploma in Personal Coaching and Psychological Counseling, and several further education as she believes in lifelong learning and growth.

In 2007 she founded her first coaching company, followed in 2020 by her American coaching company SunJ Consult in New York.

with services

Magnetizing Coaching & Training
Executive Coaching
Marketing / Presentation / Self-Marketing
Stop Inner Dying Coaching for busy doctors/surgeons as well as busy specialists and CEOs
in flexible scheduling and a structure easy to do successfully alongside busy work schedules, travels, and meetings.

For more than 16 years she followed already her mission professionally with

1:1 coaching, workshops & training
with neuroscience-based methodology

for private persons as well as for customers f. e. from SunExpress Airlines, Air Berlin Airlines, Cummins Generator Technologies, Toshiba, SIPOS, MAN (Volkswagen brand), Sumitomo, Faurecia Seating, Voith Turbo, Siemens, Gigaset, SELL, NBHX, VEYHL, SAMSON, HAWE, British-American-Tobacco, Triumph Group, Froneri-Schoeller.

She coached from the blue-collar workforce to the C-level, wrote, updated, and adjusted training manuals for different industries and audiences, and talked as a Speaker to audiences in Germany.

The main focus in several projects was Marketing, Self-Marketing, and Presentation training.

Additionally, to her position as an advisor and coach in projects, she was a Side Manager with responsibilities like Human Resources, Facility tasks, Customer Service, and more.

The biggest challenge was Social Coaching projects, where she helped people from all over the world to come into a completely foreign system and assisted through life situations stranded people f. e. in homelessness to come on their feet again.

All in all, she has more than 20 years of experience in the area of consulting.

During the time she lived in Miami Beach her interest in Real Estate was born to dive into the fascinating world of Real Estate.

Her goal is to get very wealthy and to be able to help people. Therefore, partners, investors, and a team are needed. No one can be successful on the highest level alone. Important to her are honesty and loyalty.

Her mission is to help people to grow and to build bridges. Her vision is a more wealthy, healthy, and wise world with harmony and peace.