Zach Dugger was born outside of Denver, CO, but he reports having no memories of that epic time of his life having moved to Michigan at the age of 4. He grew up in Midland and attended Central Michigan University as an undergraduate student where he studied psychology and German. Why German? No particular reason, but he still can hold up his end of a conversation. He studied Applied Behavior Analysis at Western Michigan University where he and his wife fell in love with the town of Kalamazoo (yes, there really is a Kalamazoo). He loves his wife and two children, and he is very active in his local church. He has a new resolve to be a Kingdom Builder helping finance the ministry through business.

Zach is clinically trained as a Behavior Analyst and Master's level Behavior Psychologist. He founded Braintrust Behavioral Health, LLC in 2013 to provide both home and center based ABA Therapy for children with autism. He managed this startup while still working for a Rehabilitation company in the area of Traumatic Brain Injury. Though he loved both areas of specialization, he transitioned out of his W2 job in 2014 to grow the therapy business from a single employee (himself) to over 150 employees. Braintrust provided services in 8+ counties throughout Southwest Michigan in family homes and in 5 individual clinic locations. He sold this business in 2021 to a national organization that is carrying on the mission and vision.

Zach is now pivoting into the area of Real Estate Investment. He owns and manages two commercial properties and is currently a limited partner in 9 different syndication deals, which include multifamily housing, hotels, carwashes, and even farmland as assets. He loves networking with others and finding like-minded individuals that share similar passions. His current goal is to become an active General Partner in the area of multifamily housing. Unrelated to business, he also has a renewed aspiration to finish a fiction novel and start/complete several other writing projects on the docket.