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As a Professional Engineer, Ken holds Master Degrees in Civil Engineering from the New Jersey Institute of Technology and in Real Estate Development from New York University. In addition, he has lectured at the Real Estate Institute, New York University and College of Engineering, Rutgers University.

Successful Businesses

Premier real estate wholesale, “fix & flip” and retail solutions company with guaranteed methods to help you build a stronger portfolio. See why more discerning investors choose Flipping USA over any other real estate investment firm.


Global Reach

Global Real Estate Strategies is an investment, development and construction advisory firm acting as an Owner’s Advisor to help guide investors, owners and developers through complex projects. With over 100 years experience, GRES unifies professionals in the areas of real estate, finance and construction to streamline projects and maximize profitability to Owners..


Ultimate Real Estate Development Academy

Premier Real Estate Home Study Program

  • MASTER step-by-step process on HOW to get your piece of the $1.25 Trillion dollar real estate market.

  • DISCOVER how to invest in any real estate deal with NO experience or BIG financial risk.

  • Learn the FEE GOLD strategies to earn money while investing so you can step-up to the next level of profitability in addition to Ownership.

  • Discover the HIGHEST LEVEL of training in real estate so you can have the ultimate choice to select anything you want to do in real estate investing.


Introduction to Commercial Real Estate

  • How to START, evaluate and buy commercial properties to increase your real estate investment revenue

  • How to approach, RAISE and syndicate your real estate investments to share the opportunities with others

  • How to INVEST strategically on larger and more profitable deals based on the same energy used on smaller deals

  • Techniques on how to succeed in commercial real estate investment deals

See What People Are Saying

  • “Using Ken Van Liew’s Real Estate System with no money down, I have made 1.7 million dollars.”

    Building Manager, NYC

  • “I am an associate with GACE Structural Engineers in New York, and we just finished a 100,000 square feet project with Ken Van Liew. It was a 20-story building on the corner of Park Avenue and 19th Street and I tell you, the guy really knows his systems. They profited $50 million dollars out of this project and I don’t know how he does it, however he is an expert and knows exactly what he is doing to make millions.”

    Partner, GACE New York

  • “This was the first time in New York City’s history that we actually completed a major development project both on time and under budget.”

    Referring to the completion of the new E-911 headquarters for New York City and the five boroughs.
    Mayor of New York City

  • “I am a Construction Management Consultant in New York City. I just got finished working with Ken Van Liew on a $150 million dollar high rise project where we used his systems. They are expert, easy, completely detailed and I highly recommend him.

    Construction Management Consultant
  • “I am a project manager for Hill International and because of Mr. Ken Van Liew I have drastically changed my life with my family and my personal income. Ken coached me for two months on my real estate investments and after one week of him making me clear with knowledge, I made $95,000 dollars. My wife and I advise everyone to hear what he has to say because good things are going to come of it.”
    Project Manager, Hill International
  • “I’m CFO of Tessler Developments, we just finished a $150,000,000.00 dollar project with Ken Van Liew. The systems that he brought to the table were able to realize a profit of 25% return in a very easy way. Listen to the man because he is going to bring you a lot of money.”
    CFO, Tessler Development
  • “I’ve known Ken Van Liew for about three years. His system helped me out to build my restaurant during a very difficult time for me. He can really put everything together; he made it so easy for me to go through the process of building a restaurant from scratch. I’m really impressed with the way he does things, he’s always very positive, full of energy and it’s a pleasure to know him. Whenever I see him, I get a bit of energy from him, I’m really lucky to be his friend and know that he still helps me to this day.”

    Restaurant Owner