The Ken Van Liew Show
The Ken Van Liew Show
The Truth About Becoming the BEST Version of Yourself with Dr. Phil Agrios

Dr. Phil Agrios is a business breakthrough specialist, international speaker, and bestselling author. He is my coach and he helps businesspeople worldwide to literally break through their self-sabotage to uncover their sabotaging traits so they could become the best version of themselves possible.

Listen now to learn more about Dr. Phil Agrios, his specialization, and why it is important to understand the concept that he preaches!

Key Talking Points of the Episode

[00:00] Introduction

[01:10] Who is Dr. Phil Agrios?

[02:05] What is Dr. Phil’s background?

[03:51] How does the sabotaging trait work?

[06:05] What is Nature’s Blueprint for Repeatable Success?

[07:23] What are the 3 sabotaging traits within us?

[08:15] How can the basic sequences of human behavior help you?

[09:43] How can a business thrive by using this method?

[13:41] Why is it important to understand how your saboteur works?

[16:05] How can the sequence help individuals thrive?

[17:40] How can understanding your saboteur trait help you find happiness?

[20:06] How can someone start learning more about their saboteur?
[25:10] Words of wisdom from Dr. Phil

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